Site Inspection and Incident Investigation

Site Inspection and Incident Investigation

Keeping your site inspections up to date is a core tool in protecting your business and its people and using an experienced safety expert is the easiest way to make sure this is carried out correctly.

Site auditing is a valuable safety management tool, and is used to build up a picture of existing health and safety management controls and determine their suitability. A site inspection can also help you, as an employer, assess the culture of your site personnel.

When you work with WISE, your site inspection is undertaken by one of our safety officers who have years of practical site based from a range of organisations. This means you can rest assured that specialist expertise and a common sense approach will be applied to your site inspection.

The inspection is supported by a report, which will help identify areas where new procedures are required, and where existing procedures can be improved.

WISE Safety and Training will suggest practical suggestions for improvement. Recommendations are colour coded for ease of understanding  and are broken down into non-conformances or are considered observations. At WISE Safety and Training we also like to compliment any positive working practices on site and will always identify any good working practices found during an inspection.

Incident Investigation

In any business or organisation, incidents can occur. You need to prepare to deal with unexpected events in order to reduce their consequences.

An effective investigation requires a methodical, structured approach to information gathering, collation and analysis. This is where WISE Safety and Training can assist. Over the years, we have gained safety management experience in the utility, civil engineering and construction sectors. This means that we have had to conduct various incident investigations, from slips, trips and falls, to underground and overhead service damages to more serious RIDDOR incidents.

Once an accident has occurred, it cannot be stopped. The only important thing is to discover what went wrong in the first place by undertaking a full investigation. From the investigation, actions and recommendations can be implemented to prevent future recurrence.

In incidents of underground service damages, it is important to conduct an investigation as soon as possible, both from a safety point of view and also from an insurance point of view, with respect of disputing the claim from the network owner.

WISE Safety and Training will be on your side at your time of need and help undertake investigations. Please feel free to contact us, if you require any assistance.