Safety in the Use of Abrasive wheels

Using a saw

(Petrol cut-off saws)

This ½ day course promotes the safe use of petrol driven cut off saws in the construction industry.

Course Objectives

Delegates who complete this course will have an understanding of:

  • How to safely operate, refuel and transport the saw,

  • The selection and fitting of appropriate PPE.

  • The dangers that dust poses to health.

  • The dangers that noise poses to health.

  • Effects of vibration on the hand and arm.

  • Dangers involved in using a petrol driven cut off saw in poorly ventilated spaces.

  • Safety features of a petrol driven cut off saw.

  • The importance of ensuring the fuel cap is correctly fitted.

  • Causes of kick back.

  • The importance of ensuring that the wheel is correct for the machine and application.

  • The need for carrying out a site assessment.

  • Correct cold and hot start procedures for the saw.

  • Correct method for holding the saw.

  • Correct technique for cutting stone/brick/concrete